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Plastic planet is a project with three installations: Plastic Sea, Plastic Land and Plastic Market, in which he uses plastic as the main material of his work with a marked environmental accent, which addresses consumerism and the perverse effects that the indiscriminate use of plastic has on nature and on human beings. Each installation is a micro-world originated from his reflections on the secondary effects of plastic on earth. Plastic Sea is made from the plastic that the artist collected on the beach; the work is shown within a trawl net of a dimension of 2.50 meters wide by 7 long. Plastic Land is conceived from a forest of weakened, mortally wounded bonsai, which emerge on a mound of dirt contaminated with plastics that can hardly be dissociated from the invading material. Plastic Market serves as a prologue to the previous fixture and reproduces a market for foods manufactured in plastic. The artist started with Plastic Planet in 2017, as a process of aesthetic experimentation inspired by the relationship that man establishes with his natural environment. In the fixture, the artist has found a suitable format for his artistic purposes. “It gives me the possibility of creating a parallel reality. During the exhibition I like to make people come alive in an experience and introduce the viewer within my scenario. Once he enters my world, the viewer becomes part of the work and becomes a witness of my reflection.”