I am an artist who lives by experiences. Life totally fascinates me – even its difficulties – and I try to be a witness of my period in history. I absorb energy from contemporary society, from the world around me, which attracts me and saddens me at the same time, and I try to translate the fears and uncertainties of this age into works of art that also express who I am. I do this through an artistic language that fluctuates between the aesthetic and the social, striving to strike a balance between my mind and my mood. I set no limits to my freedom both in my choice of materials and in my reflection, and I like to consider myself an artist who expresses himself freely, even when this is fleeting. Every work of art for me has its own story, its own soul, composed of reflections that can be simple or complex, but that are impossible to define in their entirety, because they are constantly evolving. The objects I use in my works have so far been materials obtained from the real world, which have been destroyed by time or by nature, and which through my art acquire new life and a different purpose. Even the images I take from the Internet, from social media, from magazines and from the world around me and that I use as a canvas for my works of art lose their original purpose. The scratch, the imprint, the painting and the gestures that I place on these images, as a testimony of the act of an arrogant society towards human nature, gives them a new form and changes them into moods, both mine and that of society in general, often joining me in becoming the creator or the witness of my reflection. This is why some projects directly involve the viewer with the work, or involve the viewer in the exhibition. In short, I consider my artistic work not to be a simple product, but the result of a process, an ongoing round-trip journey between my intimacy, my instinct, rationality and the world.